Treatment & Prices

Evaluation and treatment

All our fully registered osteopaths are skilled in assessing the bio-mechanics of the whole body from the spine to all of the body’s peripheral joints (e.g. knees, hips, shoulders, elbows, wrists etc.), focussing on improvements to efficiency of integration and function. This is achieved using gentle spinal manipulation, joint articulation and soft tissue techniques. Osteopaths will also offer advice on posture, exercise, stretching, and ergonomics.

An acurate diagnosis is the prerequisite of successful treatment, as we need to ensure that the cause of the presenting complaint is one of musculoskeletal origin. Diagnosis is reached by taking a detailed medical history, followed by a thorough physical examination. A series of questions regarding the specific complaint and your general health will be asked.


Initial consultation
  • Sessions last 45 minutes
Subsequent sessions
  • Sessions last 30 minutes
Baby and infant sessions
  • Initial & Subsequent

A number of insurance companies cover the cost of treatment. Please enquire for further information. Please inform the practice at least 24 hours prior to canceling an appointment.

Medical acupuncture

As osteopaths we use acupuncture as a therapy following orthodox clinical diagnosis. Points are chosen based on neurological principles. Local needling of trigger points, tender points and acupuncture points predominate in treating somatic dysfunction and other conditions such as headache and migraine. It is a very useful adjunct to osteopathy as it helps modulate pain.

All treatment is non-intrusive and pain-free. Patients are treated with whatever technique is appropriate, bearing in mind their preferences, age, state of health, etc.

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